Hungarian lavander from Pannonhalma Abbey (OSB)

Hungarian lavander from Pannonhalma Abbey OSBLavender flower has been used by the Benedictines since 18th century in the Abbey of Pannonhalma without using any chemicals. The oil is derived by natural vapour destillation. It is a very popular product among turists due to its pleasant fragrance and medical properties.

Application fields of lavender oil:

  • Lavender fragrance brings clean and fresh feelings to those who use it. It is also used in Hungarian folk medicine. Excellent therapy for blue mood.
  • Using in an aromatherapy lamp, or vaporizator gives a fresh scent to your home or office. Few drops in your bath could refresh and calm your body.
  • Inhaling through your nose can help cure cold and prevent flu.
  • Excellent sauna oil.
  • As a massage oil can help relieve reumatic pain.
  • Lavender oil can reduce unpleasant pain caused by mosquito and other insect bites.

Placing lavender in the wardrobe brings fresh scent to your clothes and it is good against moth…