Wines from Tokaj

There are several myths about Tokaj, stories of fairies and alchemists.

According to the legend alchemists came to Tokaj to try to distill gold from from the local wine. Or when a drop of the wine falls on the tablecloth they call "a teardrop of a fairy".

Pannonhalma vineyardsTokaj wine region is a closed wine district and a law classification which says that Tokaji wine is a special wine of extraordinary quality. The law also classifies what kind of grapes can be used in this region. Furmint, hárslevelű (linden leaf), muskotály (muscat), and oremus.

Special quality wine from estates in Tokaj places special requirements like vintage cannot exceed 10 tons/hectare, and must contains 19% volume quality of natural sugar.

Special wines, special methods creat unique names like 'máslás', 'fordítás', 'szamorodni', and the world famous 'aszú', 'aszú essence' and 'nectar'.

Special note contains 'butts' ranging from 3 to 6 butts per gönci barrel. The regulation says the followings:

The sugar content of 1 liter Tokaji Aszú wine of

  • 3 butts has to be 60 grams
  • 4 butts has to be 90 grams
  • 5 butts has to be 120 grams
  • 6 butts has to be 150 grams
  • The sugar content of 1 liter Tokaji Aszú Essence has to be 180 grams (regardless of the butts)
  • The sugar content of 1 liter Tokaji Nectar has to be 250 grams and the Tokaji Nectar is produced without pressing and treading.

Another important note is that the vintage year referes to the harvest year of the grapes.

Botrytis cinerea can cause decay or shrivel. When shrivel happens the grapes become wrinkled losing part of its humidity gradually and at the same time natural sugar content increases and flavours intensify inside the grape.

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