Bee tar or propolis is the caulking or sticking material gathered from the resinous substance of the plants, from the sticky secretion of buds. This substance is used for stopping up the splitting of the beehive and for covering surface roughnesses and strange residues.

The most important components are the flavonoids, volatile oils, vitamins and minerals: K, Na, Mg, Al, P, Si, Va, Co, S, Ni, Zn. Flavonoids have a favourable effect to the capillary system, the frailty and permeability of the veins and to the circulation. Furthermore it is bactericidal, fungicide, anti-virus, pain-killer, regenerating, ulcerating obstructive, cholagogue, decreasing of blood pressure, antioxidant.

It is effective to the inside separation glands, anti-congeal; it is good for prostate complaints, and urethra infections. Based on the manner of application we use it in different forms: propolis tincture, propolis ointment, propolis tablet, propolis cone.