Mineral water and spa culture in Hungary

Hungary has huge subterranian water resources, which are exceptionally reach in mineral and medicinal waters. These waters contain much - physiologywise favorable - minerals.


Carpathian Basin's special conditions, that the sedimentary rock-mass of the earth's crust and the integrated water resources are permeated in a more intensive way, than on the other areas of the Earth. As a result of this there is more thermal water locality and water has a higher mineral content.


Nearly 80 wells and sources are known in Hungary, and they have a respected and acknowledged mineral water, among them more than 20 waters are bottled.


Content of the Hungarian mineral waters and medicinal waters

The mineral concentration of the natural mineral waters can change between wide borders — 500 mg/l and 4600 mg/l . According to their character these are mainly calcium-, magnesium-, sodium-, hydrogen carbonate, chloride, sulphate waters, or their variants. Fluoride content is relatively considerable as well.

The Hungarian mineral water regulation is very strict. It contains more regulations than the standards of the EU.

Also in Hungary only the water which derives from a water storage layer protected from contamination can be titled natural mineral water.

  • concentration of components considering the allowed fluctuation must be constant,
  • microbiologywise clear ( the background values microbiologywise match the direrective of 80/777 EEC)
  • must be bottled at the water source place
  • does not suffer any treatment, exept breathing fresh air,
  • always comes in for an official acknowledgement.

It harmonizes with the regulation of the natural mineral waters accepted by the FAO/WHO Codex Alimentarius Committée.

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