Natural cosmetics for aromatherapy

Breast-conditioning massage oil

This massage oil is useful to help the women in enhancing self-confidence. The pure essential oil in natural base oil will firm and tone the skin of the breasts. Taking a regularly massage will improve the esthetical outlook. Ingredients: geranium, ylang-ylang, jasmine, avocado, peanut oil, Vitamin E

Natural cosmetics for aromatherapy

Mosquito stift

Thanks to the easily absorbing essential oils the usage of the product can ease the itching and decrease skin irritation after insect bites and nettle-stings. The evaporating oils are insect repellents. The applicator is light, fits in a small place, doesn't pour out, can be handled easily and is hygienic. It can be used safely on children. Ingredients: peppermint, lemon, eucalyptus, cajeput, Litsea cubeba, lavender, niaouli, clove, tea tree oil, alcohol jasmine, avocado, peanut oil, Vitamin E.

Nail cuticle care oil

Nail cuticle care oil. The substantial base oil components of the product containing essential oils of natural origin - antiseptic tea tree, rosemary and lavender oils penetrate easily into the skin. The nail cuticle care oil simultaneously grooms, softens the dry, cracked skin around the nails, improves its aesthetical appearance, and grooms the fragile nails seared by the nail polishes, removers and domestic materials.

Silhouette massage oil

We recommend our product for those who struggle with overweight, who want to become slimmer. Its use recommended together with diet and exercise. Every day massaging and weekly taking a bath added to the water this composition will aid the elimination of excess water and fat from the desired place of the body. Its use improves the circulation and helps to detoxify the body. After a while you have a happy feeling and loosing weight. Ingredients: juniper, cypress, jasmine, avocado, peanut oil, Vitamin E.

Nutritious oil for mature skin

This product is mainly suitable for the everyday grooming and nutrition of mature skin (face and neck), the fights wrinkles and the restores its flexibility, and for the grooming of skin exposed to various harmful effects (such as wind, intense sunlight, smoky surroundings) as well. The valuable ingredients of this grapefruit-scented product serve the restoration of the flexibility and natural defensive ability of the skin, the nutrition of the skin and the delaying of the ageing processes of the skin.

Skin-grooming oil for dry and sensitive skin

We mainly recommend the use of this product for the everyday grooming of sensitive, dry skin disposed to chapping and inflammation in case of adults, but also suitable for the grooming of sensitive skin of babies. The valuable ingredients of the lavender-scented product give guarantee for decreasing water-loss and dryness of the skin and restoring the lipid layer of the skin. The active ingredients of this product decrease the skin-irritation and help the regeneration of the skin, the restoration of its flexibility, and assists in reaching a more aesthetic appearance of the skin.

Skin-protecting oil after sun-bathing

We recommend this product for grooming of skin dried out from bathing and sun-bathing, but due to its advantageous attributes it can be used during sun-bathing beside suntans containing anti-fading agents. The pleasant lemon-fragrance of the product is given by the lemongrass oil known for its mosquito repellent effect, so by using this product mosquitoes can be kept away. It's also suitable for grooming of the sensitive skin of babies. This oil has skin-grooming and skin-protecting effect due to its essential fatty acids. Besides, it has a specific cosmetic effect which makes this product useful in the treatment of the sunburns and it also helps the regeneration of the cells.