Essential oil and natural products for cosmetics and aromatherapy

Important things to know about essential oils and normal oils

Scents of nature is everywhere around us. Essential oils are mainly responsible for the characteristic scents and fragrance of flowers, fruits, leaves and roots. Essential oils can be found in any parts of an aromatic plant. The essential oil content of aromatic plants is generally between 1-6% however it can reach a higher or less amount.

Essential oils are made of balsam or a part of a plant by using vapour distillation, or in special cases pleasant fragranced liquid extract gotten from solvent extraction or cold pressing, or rarely can be found solid. Essential oils can vary in their texture due to air or lights. The chemical content and characteristics can perform different properties. The oil production and the storage of the plants are done within GMP conditions. The quality of the essential oils meets the European Medicine Book's standards and has got the certificate signed by the Research Institute of Herbal Medicines.

Essential oils can be used together with base oils. Base oils have important role in aromatherapy as a transfer material, moreover can perform good medical effects on human health. The base oils are mostly made of greasy oils, in other name cold pressed. The texture of the base oils are totally different from the essential ones. Base oils are consumed by eating foods that contain base oils , however they can also be absorbed through the skin.


Essential oils are produced by steam distillation, cold pressing, solvent and enzyme extraction depending on the nature of aromatic plants. It is the best to use essential oils (except lavender oil) in diluted form due to their high concentration and potential irritation or damage that they can cause. Essential oils are volatile; this feature draws the distinction between essential and base or carrier oils (e.g. sweet almond, jojoba, olive oils). Essential oils are light-sensitive, heat-labile so they should always be stored in a cool place away from light and heat.

Effect of essential oils

  • antimicrobial effect (inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi)
  • effects on respiratory organs - several essential oils are secreted through the lungs and promote the removal of mucus from the respiratory system.
  • effects on digestive system (many internally used oils produce antispasmodic, carminative and stomachic effects, while several oils used externally have mild antispasmodic effect)
  • due to rubefacient effects of some essential oils the use of massage oils containing this type of oils dilates the capillaries, increases the blood circulation and the intensity of pain might be decreased.
  • effects on urinary tract (antibacterial, anti-inflammatory etc.)
  • relaxing effect

Fields of Application

  • Medicine Industry
  • Cosmetic Industry
  • Aromatherapy

Their fields of application can be varied from Health Care to Natural Medicine and cosmetics. They also play basic role in healthy eating (food consumption). Spice oils can help our food to be tasty and moreover can help in digestion and other biological vital process.

Essential oils are also ingredients for body lotions, beauty and perfume products. Cosmetic industry uses aromatic plants and essential oils to produce high quality cosmetic products. There is only a thin line between aromatherapy, cosmetic and medicine industry.

Aromatherapy (Mixing essential oils)

The introduction of aromatherapy in Hungary began in the early 1990's. First the essential oils business started to grow, later new expectations and demand increased on the Hungarian market for cosmetics, air freshener oils, sauna oils were also introduced. Constant developments performed that the range of products has widened. At present new products has been also introduced on the market like bath and massage oils, natural cosmetics. The products mentioned above are sold by trade shops, store chains, drug-stores, and an even widening number of hotels and hotel chains, spas. The high quality of the aromatherapy products brought a reliable quality image to Hungarian essential oils and natural cosmetics.